Haworth Primary School and Nursery

Part of Bronte Academy Trust

Haworth Curriculum

Haworth Primary School is a warm, nurturing and vibrant village school which places a real emphasis on putting our children first. Our Trust vision of ‘Achieving Together for Every Child’ means every child has access to an exciting and engaging curriculum, which is broad and balanced, challenging and relevant in modern Britain. We strive for our children to become reflective and independent learners, who become equipped with life skills such as resilience, forming collaborative relationships and effective participation to prepare them for the next steps in their learning.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum, so that children learn to read quickly and independently from an early age, so they can acquire new vocabulary, knowledge and place their learning into different contexts as they build fluency and develop a life-long love of reading.

Children are provided with a rich, knowledge-based curriculum right from Nursery. In Early Years, children develop their skills, thinking and knowledge through child-led activities that develop children’s understanding of phonics, reading, writing and number through engaging and stimulating provision. This continues into KS1. In KS2, our children build on previous learning using their knowledge to build on skills in all aspects of the curriculum.

We have carefully crafted and sequenced a detailed and knowledge-rich curriculum which requires children to learn in small steps within each subject. This allows a cumulative approach so that children can build their knowledge and skills on what they already know, meaning they know and remember more. Deep learning opportunities are provided in each subject and connected knowledge from other subjects is recalled so that children are able to make connections with their learning and retain their knowledge. Please see our long term plans to see how our curriculum is mapped out. 

If you would like any more information about out curriculum, please contact our school office: office.haworth@bronteacademytrust.org.uk