Haworth Primary School and Nursery

Part of Bronte Academy Trust


Children should attend daily and on time. The school opens at 8:45 for all children. Gates close at 8:50 and learning begins. Every second of learning is precious. Our curriculum builds each day and gaps can occur. 

Children must not be late for school. Should you arrive late, you will be required to sign in and explain why you are late before your child is escorted to class through the office.

Repeated lateness will result in a meeting with senior leaders to see how best we support your child.  

Attendance must be above 95%. Failure to attend school regularly will result in a meeting and actions agreed between home and school. 

Bronte Academy Trust reserves the right to consider fining families who do not attend regularly. Absence, other than illness, must be requested within two weeks of a planned departure as per the Attendance policy. Failure to fill in the correct form in the correct time frame, will likely result in a fine being processed by Bradford.