Haworth Primary School and Nursery

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Haworth Primary Resource Provision

Welcome to the Nest

We warmly welcome you to the Nest. 

The Nets is an integral part of Haworth Primary School. We all work closely together with an emphasis on inclusion, every child that is allocated a place in the Nest is also a member of one of our mainstream classes.


Who is the RP for?

  • The Nest is for children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan with significant Communication and Interaction needs (including those with an ASC)
  • The Nest is for children who have severe and consistent difficulties with social communication and interaction
  • Children who are cognitively able to access a mainstream curriculum

What are our aims?

  • The Nest has an emphasis on supporting children to develop their awareness of others through increasing their social and communication skills
  • We aim to help children to develop an awareness of self and be able to manage their levels of stress through self-regulation 
  • We aim to help children identify their own sensory triggers and find ways to minimise their effect
  • We aim to support pupils to make positive relationships with their peers
  • We aim to support children to access our busy mainstream school and classroom environment with daily teaching alongside their peers
  • Children in the Nest will be included as fully as possible into the life of the school in order to develop their social, emotional and independence skills


What provision do we offer?

The Nest at Haworth Primary School provides specialist support for up to 12 children.

  • A dedicated space within the school for learning and regulation
  • Opportunities to work individually or in small groups in this distraction free, calm environment, or as part of a small group within their mainstream class
  • Opportunities for the children to be fully integrated into their mainstream class within Haworth Primary School
  • A specialist lead teacher who is responsible for the provision, supporting mainstream class teachers to plan and deliver appropriate learning of each child
  • Support from staff trained and experienced in working with children with an ASC
  • Support from professional services such as Speech and Language Therapists
  • The progress of all pupils in the Nest is regularly assessed in relation to the National Curriculum Guidelines
  • Individual pupil outcomes are monitored at least 3 times a year including at the Annual Review of their EHCP
  • Each child within the Nest has an individual  programme of teaching and specialist support that will enable them to participate in or access the mainstream curriculum
  • Ongoing communication between school and families through home / school books and regular contact


How are places allocated?

  • Admission to the RP is coordinated by Bradford Council’s SEND Assessment Team
  • Parents can express a preference for a place at a RP through the statutory assessment process or during an EHCP review
  • Click here for further information.

How do we work together with families?

At Haworth Primary School, we recognise the importance of involving families in their children’s learning. We take every step to encourage effective parental involvement. Our staff are approachable and understand how essential regular communication is. 

Through termly meetings and annual reviews we work together on individual support plans and agree the best ways to meet the desirable outcomes for your child. We liaise with external agencies who support families, such as Children’s Services and SENDIASS, to consider all your child’s needs.

We value the contribution that every family and child make to our school community and feel honoured that families choose us to educate and nurture their children.