Haworth Primary School and Nursery

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The Nest

Haworth Primary School has a 12 place, school-led Resource Provision (RP) for children with communication and interaction needs, including Autism. To be able to access a place in the RP a child must have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) and places are allocated following a consultation process undertaken by Bradford SEND Team. We welcome parents to visit our RP at Haworth to see how we work and, on receiving a consultation from the SEND team at Bradford, we will try and visit the child in their current setting to see if the RP is the most appropriate setting to meet their needs. Early identification and entry are favourable in order to maximise progress.

Our RP is managed by an experienced Lead Teacher who supports the learning and works closely with all the support assistants and teachers across school. The children also have access to the Speech and Language Therapists from Airedale NHS Trust, who work with the children every half term, setting targets, which can be worked on in school to promote their speech and language development. The team in the RP also work with many other outside agencies and families/carers that support the children to reach their full potential.

Our aim is that all children with an allocated RP place will access some of their learning alongside their peers, within the mainstream classroom. All children in our RP (The Nest) receive their support via a support assistant or the lead teacher and this is delivered either in The Nest, in a bespoke manner, or within the mainstream classroom.  Each child is able to work in a way that suits their own personal learning, whether that is at a learning station or with others in a small group. They have individual programmes of targeted work aligned to their EHCP. The balance of this will vary according to the needs of individual children at different times. We do encourage and strive for inclusion at Haworth Primary School and this is an integral part of child development so, whenever possible, we encourage them to be working and socializing alongside their peers within the mainstream classroom with breakout provision as required. We do encourage the children to be independent whenever possible so there may be times in the day when they are supported from a distance, giving our children a very important life skill for future life.

The school promotes self-efficacy for all learners and a growth mind-set as the most effective approach to learning. Children are encouraged to embrace new activities and challenges, always have a go and view mistakes as an important part of any learning journey.

Staff are very skilled in the RP and use Makaton, Augmentative and Alternative Communication and visuals timetables to support children in The Nest.  A number of staff are positive handling trained so are able to manage times of dysregulation and are able to use the sensory room area when required. We are able to offer a quieter lunchtime if required but we do encourage integration and socialising at this time.

We follow statuary processes for annual and termly reviews with parents and appropriate outside agencies. Parents are always welcome to request a meeting at any time if there are particular issues that they would like to discuss. 

If you wish to visit or discuss the Resource Provision further, please contact the school office either by phone or email.


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