Haworth Primary School and Nursery

Part of Bronte Academy Trust


Throughout school (from EYFS through to Year 6), we use Pathways to Write, which has been developed by The Literacy Company. This programme gives each year group a clear set of objectives to cover throughout the year and ensures that these objectives/skills are fully embedded. 

We have made the programme bespoke to Haworth Primary School, through carefully selecting books/texts that are individual to our school in each year group. These form the basis of our writing curriculum and focus on the units of learning that children study in other subjects, ensuring that they are revisited away from that unit of learning to support retention and recall of this knowledge. 

Please find the overview of objectives for each year group below:

We also have a bespoke spelling curriculum designed for our school, focussing on the word lists for each year group along with spelling patterns.

To ensure handwriting remains a focus throughout school, we use the letter-join handwriting scheme.